• Vehicle drop-off/pick-up (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) by appointment only

  • Vehicle must be road legal (licenced & insured) unless otherwise agreed upon

  • Cost/Time Estimate is subject to change as repair can take longer than anticipated and/or additional work might be needed - often extra/compounding issues are discovered only during repair process

  • Repair will be carried out using parts from the Diesel Rover web store purchased by customer

  • Any outside parts supplied by the customer must be approved by Diesel Rover before work begins. Repairs carried out using outside parts provided by the customer will not be covered by Diesel Rover’s parts and labour warranty

  • Diesel Rover must give priority to “in & out” repair and maintenance work. Project work is contingent upon when lift time is available. 

  • Pickup time can not be finalized until work is actually completed

  • Client is responsible for both his/her and the vehicle’s transportation to and from Diesel Rover

Please note:

Diesel Rover is a repair shop catering to Land Rovers ranging from 15 to 70 years old. Rusted and impacted hardware does break, disturbed seals can begin leaking, and new parts can cause older parts to fail due to increased performance and stress.

Over time, weathering, improper repairs, lack of maintenance, worn parts, and sheer age can lead to high(er) repair expenses.

The parts and hardware for these vehicles are generally not stocked locally and/or are specialized items that must be sourced, secured, and transported. This can cause unforeseen costs and/or delays to finishing repairs.


  • Hourly shop rate is $100.00/hr. (includes time driving, procuring, & diagnostics)

  • Minimum travel time of 1 hour ($100.00) for on-site repairs

  • Use of Auto Logic is a minimum 85$ fee on top of shop rate

  • Parts prices are as published on the Diesel Rover website

  • The Diesel Rover price file catalogue includes all available parts and pricing is available upon request

  • Diesel Rover does not price match or negotiate pricing

  • All materials such as screws, bolts, oil, etc used in the repair and/or maintenance of a vehicle will be marked up 30% over purchase price.

  • All subcontractor work such as paint, body shop, and/or machine shop, including shipping to and from Diesel Rover, will be marked up 25% on supplier’s invoice price

  • Progressive Billing sent every Friday. Payment required by Monday in order for work to continue as scheduled

  • 2.5% will be added to invoicing for all payments made by credit card

When Terms And Conditions are read and agreed upon please fill in the contact forum and write.

(I _________ Agree to the Terms And Conditions.)