Rover Diesel

Pricing Policy 

Parts prices are as published on the Diesel Rover website. 

The Diesel Rover price file catalogue which includes all available parts and their prices is available upon request.

We do not price match or negotiate pricing.

All repairs will be carried out using parts purchased through the Diesel Rover web store which includes parts from Britpart, Bearmach, and All Makes. Any parts supplied by the customer may be approved by Diesel Rover before work begins. However, repairs carried out using parts provided by the customer will not be covered by our parts and labour warranty. 

All supplies such as screws, bolts, oil, etc used in the repair of a vehicle will be marked up 30% on the purchase price.

All subcontractor work such as paint, body shop, and machine shop work, including shipping to and from my shop, will be marked up 25% on supplier’s invoiced price.

Should your vehicle require programming using our Auto Logic system, a minimum fee of $85.00 will be charged over and above the hourly shop rate.

Hourly shop rate is $100.00/hr.

Minimum travel time of 1 hour ($100.00) for on-site repairs.

2.5% will be added to the total for all payments made by credit card.