Finding Parts

Diesel Rover is committed to providing you with the correct part numbers and delivering them to you as quickly as possible and at a reasonable price.
We have chosen not to provide an online catalogue breaking down each Land Rover model into its component parts for the following reasons.
1)  Most of our customers have access to part number information and prefer to order using part numbers vs menus.
2)  Land Rover now has an electronic parts catalogue online. It is open access and connects to the manufacturer's own EPC system which can be used to find any part on any model Land Rover.
3)  Since the same part can be used on several different models, we recommend that you register with Land Rover EPC or acquire the genuine parts catalogue for your vehicle.
4)  In 2001 Land Rover stopped printing paper versions of their catalogues. To fill the gap this created, Land Rover introduced the Microcat system. If you are interested in acquiring this system, you can google "Microcat Land Rover" and installing it on your computer. However, keep in mind that Microcat has now been replaced by Land Rover's new EPC system. (Please download responsibly.)
5)  Finally and probably most importantly, you have access to an expert in our parts department. We will be happy to find you the right part for your application.